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Funeral planning before the need arises is a logical part of estate planning. By choosing and paying for your casket in advance costs are controlled in two ways. First, by guaranteeing today’s price, and secondly by avoiding the emotional overspending that often happens at the funeral home when planning at the time a death.

At the Casket Depot all of our products can be selected and paid for before the need arises. Your money will be held safely in an account in your name and you are free to choose a monthly payment plan or to pay in full. By doing this you will guarantee today’s costs. Here’s how it works;

The funds that we receive now will go directly into an account in your name where it remains until death occurs. Once death occurs, the funds are released to the Casket Depot so that we may provide the casket selected on the prepaid contract. Even though our fees will increase over time, your estate will not have to pay any additional fees. The interest accrued in the account will go toward any cost inflation. If there are any funds remaining after the present day costs are covered, the remaining funds will go back to the estate of the deceased.

Our payment plans can be suited to fit almost any budget.