If you are looking for great quality and affordable prices ON CASKET AND URNS … LOOK NO FURTHER!!  If you buy directly from us the manufacturer, you could get anywhere from 50% – 70% less on merchandise than most funeral homes.

If you find any lower prices we will beat the price anywhere in Canada up to a savings of $100.00.

When the passing of a loved one happens, a lot of times families have a hard time making decisions, as well as knowing and understanding what to do when making funeral arrangements.

The funeral home that you have decided to choose is NOT allowed to refuse a casket, urn or any other merchandise that you have purchase outside of that funeral home.

They CANNOT charge any addition fees for receiving the merchandise.

Funeral homes are not allowed to increase any of the services fees that are on the written price lists.

They need to treat you and your family as if you had purchased everything from that funeral home.

A lot of funeral homes like to make up package deals and make you think that you have to purchase the casket that they have shown you.

Our greatest priority is your satisfaction and the quality of business that we guarantee.
If you have any concerns or want to know more about the legislation of the funeral board please contact The Board of Funeral Services of Ontario at 1-800-387-4458 or check out the website at