About Us

Casket Depot is a Canadian and Family owned company established in 2001. We are the largest and oldest direct-to-consumer retail funeral supply company in Canada.

Casket Depot has established a new standard for quality and selection of caskets, cremation urns, and mementos. We pay careful attention to design and utilize only the best materials and workmanship. Moreover we guarantee savings on our large selection of products, with prices that are routinely 50%-70% below that of funeral homes.

Traditionally, funeral homes were the only source for caskets, however in recent years changes have occurred enabling individuals to have greater choice and also save money in the process. Additionally a casket purchased from Casket Depot must now be accepted without any additional fee being charged by your funeral home of choice. Where there once was a monopoly there is now freedom of choice.

Modern technology matched with excellent workmanship enables Casket Depot to make our offering of excellent value; that is we give our customers the best quality at the best price when you are required to make such a personal decision at the most sensitive of times in our lives. Also, our helpful staff will assist you with your choice of purchase while helping to reduce part of your financial burden.

Casket Depot is sensitive to your special needs and wishes to guarantee your personal satisfaction. Once again we will also do our utmost to provide you with the best value at the most economical price.

You can contact us anytime, toll-free at: 1-866-511-5688