How To Save Money When Buying A Burial Casket

Burial arrangements for a beloved one can be extremely daunting. You can only imagine your ability to rationally deliberate on the issues arising while at the same time trying to manage the grief and the financial anxiety. These will not only be a strain but a period that can greatly weigh down on you and your family.

The loss of a dear one automatically spells that all other aspects of your life will need to be halted. All your effort and time will be devoted to revisiting the life of the departed and how the family will cope henceforth. The greatest inadequacy when undertaking funeral arrangements is the time limitation and financial drain.

We understand the financial implications that arise from funeral preparation and have come up with the best combination of tips to brace your acquisition for suitable burial caskets. The below tips will facilitate a decent send off for the deceased while helping you stay on budget.

Buy A Cheaper Material

Have you ever stopped to think what will happen to either an expensive or cheap casket after a burial? Well, they all wane with the equal measure with no one to arbiter on which was better initially. A big alteration occurs during a religious and irreverent burial. While the religious will place more emphasis on a material with outright disintegration qualities, the other group has no concentration on this. The type of material will always determine the price tag.

Use A 20-Gauge For A Metal Casket

Metal caskets are either made of 20 or 18-gauges. Let me explain the difference between the two; a 20-gauge thickness is comparable to a stop sign while the 18-gauge is equivalent to a car’s defender. Both are capable of a noble delivery for the specific occasion. There is no point of going for the more lavish 18- gauge as the 20-gauge will give an equal performance but of course with less cost.

Eliminate Ornamentation And Decorations

Burying the deceased in a decorated casket will have no implication other than financial. The state of the deceased body will be the same in both instances. In the end, there will be more spending associated with an ornate casket in comparison to a normal one and more importantly, the deceased won’t be elated (there is no prove they have).

There is a direct correlation between the beauties of a casket, the number of decorations, and the expenditure. Other than costs, there should be a consideration of other needs like emotional and psychological that will have a direct impact to the close family of the deceased. Always understand that not many people are enthusiastic about the casket aspects.

You will agree with me that we might spend a fortune on a casket because of its ornamental appeal but when we get to the funeral arena, we end up covering all these in flowers. Why?

Consider The Size

The bulk of caskets come in a regular size. Your obligation is to get one that fits the deceased. Do not go for caskets that are on the extreme in size as this will only serve to increase your costs. Ensure you have the right size before you place your money.

Bottom Line

Remember that you can save more by buying a casket from a third-party dealer in Toronto. Actually, you will pay cheaper that if you bought from the funeral home. Follow these tips to select a burial casket that honors your loved one’s last memory. If you need support finding a good casket that meets your requirements, a casket dealer can help direct you to the best options available.

Wood vs. Metal: Which Type Of Caskets Should You Get?

When a loved one has departed, there is nothing that their families want more than giving them the perfect farewell. Funeral service is considered as one of the ways to show respect and love towards the departed. One of the things that are crucial in a funeral service is a casket. This article is going to discuss the differences between a wood and a metal casket. We hope that this information can be of help to those who are looking for caskets for sale.


There are several advantages of a wood casket. By choosing this type of casket, families can benefit from feeling connected to the Mother Nature. Nowadays, a wood casket can be made of several types of materials, namely oak and mahogany. Families can choose oak that is lighter in nature. On the other hand, families that choose a casket made from mahogany can get a more lavish look. However, both types of wood can be a perfect choice for a timeless wood casket.
The cost of wood caskets is based on the kind of wood and how ornately decorated they are. They can be just simple and carved elegantly, stained and well polished.


The history of metal caskets is dated back to the Civil War period. At that time, many families had to lose their loved ones in the war. They had no other choice but to deal with long distance transportation to organize a funeral service. However, not many families could have a metal casket for the burial of their loved ones as metal caskets were considered a special item only for those with a prominent position.

There is one other thing that separates a metal casket from a wood casket apart from its materials. Unlike wood caskets, metal caskets have a seal that can come in handy when long distance transportation is needed. Furthermore, metal caskets also can come with waterproof linings and lock which makes it safer for long distance travels. Therefore, choosing a metal casket is necessary for this kind of situation.

In addition, families can benefit from getting a more variety of design when choosing metal coffins. Nowadays, there are various options of design with different colors, so families may choose a casket that best represents the personality of the departed.

Comparing Wood and Metal Burial Caskets

When comparing metal casket versus wood casket, one needs to consider several factors. The first is logistic. A metal casket is a better choice should there be a need to have long distance transportation to carry the departed. Some other factors to consider can be the price points and the features that each type of caskets offers. It is also a good thing to consider the design of the funeral service. Last but not least, it is important to take into considerations the final wishes of the deceased before making a decision.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, families are free to choose the kind of casket that they want to use as part of the funeral service. What’s important is making sure that your loved one can get the best funeral service as we are letting them go to rest in eternity. No matter the choice you make, don’t look into features that do not deliver what they pledge. Consider if that feature is what you really want for your loved one, or if it is something expense that you can skip.

Beautifully made burial caskets from quality and sustainable materials are also affordable without compromising designs. Both the selections of materials as well as the casket delivery are simple and affordable, allowing the grieving families to spend less time working with funeral directors and enough time calming each other as they celebrate the life of their loved one.

Funeral home markups and upselling

Confidence in the funeral services industry in Toronto was rocked by a recent undercover investigation by reporters at CBC Marketplace. The report included hidden camera footage of what some unscrupulous funeral homes do as part of their sales process. The report highlighted some shocking business practices that seem to have been in effect in these homes for many years.  The video shows some funeral home providers misleading their customers and forcing them to spend more than they had anticipated.

It is very alarming that some funeral homes in Canada are taking advantage of their grieving customers in this way.  It is not all bad news however as there are still some very reputable funeral services providers out there that offer transparent pricing and a sympathetic, patient method of outlining all of the options that are available to the family and friends of the deceased.

So, when you are looking for a funeral home for a family member or friend, how can you be sure that they are one of the good ones.  Here are some tips that will help ensure that you do not fall prey to these opportunists.

1) If possible, plan ahead

This may not be easy if the the passing of a loved one is sudden.  If you can take your time when doing research on the funeral home you want to use then you can avoid the pressure of finding a place in a hurry.  If you have time to prepare, you should use it to learn as much as you can about the reputation of the funeral home and go from there.

2) Check the cost

Nearly all funeral homes will have a website, and there should be a list of at least the prices of their services and products.  If you don’t see these clearly listed, then you should have cause for concern.  This could be an indication that they are not open and honest about the cost of planning a funeral with them

3) Make sure there are no hidden costs

The CBC marketplace report also highlighted that these shady funeral homes will often throw in a hefty bill for additional services and fees.  These hidden costs were in the thousands of dollars, so be careful when reviewing the contract.

4) Bring a friend

Planning a funeral is a very emotional time. It is these emotions that the funeral homes shown in the CBC Marketplace video prey on. If you bring a friend who is less emotionally involved with the deceased then they may think of questions you don’t, and even notice something questionable in the fine print.

5) Keep a few things to yourself

The funeral home does not need to know anything about the size of the estate or any financial information regarding benefit amounts. You should not discuss anything related to this until you have already discussed the price of each and every element of the service they offer.

6) Embalming is not the law

Something that was highlighted by the CBC Marketplace report is that many of the funeral homes they investigated stated that the law requires the deceased to be embalmed for the funeral or viewing.  This is not true and just a method to upsell you on a service that may not always be necessary.

It is our hope that these tips can help prevent you or anyone else falling prey to any funeral home that uses the same tactics to upsell customers in their moment of grief.  We are grateful to the CBC Marketplace reporters for showing these funeral homes in their true light and helping educate customers to what they are entitled to so that they only pay what they need to when laying a loved one to rest.

The Outstanding Qualities Of An Amazing Wood Casket

In many funeral services, caskets are used to bid a loved one farewell. The best part is that they can be used to simply personalize a funeral in a way that reflects on the life of a loved one. This usually makes it possible to create a uniquely special and memorable tribute for them. In that case, selection of a casket is actually a personal choice.

It is a crucial element for planning a funeral and not only acts as the focal point of the funeral service but also as a reflection of the personality and taste of a deceased. The following explains more about the qualities of an amazing wood casket.


When looking for the right wood casket, one of the factors that you will have to consider is durability. Not all types of wood are suitable for making durable caskets. The most preferred wood for caskets with great durability include cherry, walnut and mahogany. These three types are highly durable and do not get damaged easily. They feature highly polished finish that will totally blow your mind. In that case, you can find a durable wood casket when you pick any of these three options.


Different types of wood species have varying levels of strength and hardness depending on their graining and other elements. For a strong casket material, you can opt for walnut, cherry or mahogany. These three top the list again because they have the best graining that not only contributes to incredibly amazing finishes but also offers the best look for a casket. The component structure of this type of wood is rigid guaranteeing you the strength and hardness that you need for a casket.

Elegance and style


You definitely want to give your loved the best farewell. You can make that happen by simply minding what you choose when selecting wood caskets. There is a wide variety of wood caskets from mahogany to pine and maple. You should know that there is such a big difference between mahogany and pine.

While mahogany may offer you durability and elegance, you may not find such in pine. However, you may spend less when acquiring a pine casket. If it is in your budget to get a stylish and elegant casket, you can definitely go with options such as cherry, mahogany and walnut. You can also choose oak and maple as alternatives if you are unable to acquire mahogany or walnut caskets.

Wood color

Wood color goes hand in hand with finish. That means that the type of wood with good graining is the best option in this case. This is because they can be stained more than once to give different colors. You should pick elegant and stylish colors for the casket. Most importantly, you should ensure that the color you pick reflects the personality of your loved one.

When making funeral arrangements, these are some of the ideas that can help you find the best wood casket. There are so many wood caskets but they all have a distinguishing factor. You can always make the best choice with these ideas in mind.


What Type Of Caskets Is Best For Bidding Your Beloved A Good Farewell?

Caskets can be categorized into two based on the material used to make them. There are metal caskets that are made of stainless steel, copper and bronze and there are wooden caskets made from a variety of wood such as pine, oak, mahogany, maple, veneer and poplar. Copper and bronze provide permanent non-rusting material for caskets. This explains why they have been used for the longest time to make sculptures and monuments. Here is more on the type of caskets that can you choose for your loved one.

Metal caskets

As mentioned earlier, you can have a sure bet with copper and bronze caskets because these materials guarantee high quality. Moreover, they give a great statement. You can also consider caskets made out of stainless steel. Now most people are familiar with stainless steel because it is used in many items such as watches. Stainless steel has rust-resistant properties and lasts long. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you can go for standard steel casket. It is known as carbon steel and is usually strong and durable.

Wood caskets


Just like furniture, you can find great caskets made out of a variety of wood. You can be sure of magnificent finishes with wood caskets. The three types of wood that are considered to be the best for caskets are cherry, mahogany and walnut. Caskets made out of these three wood species are usually crafted and polished elegantly for the best look. In addition, wood caskets feature rounded corners (shell design), which gives them softness on the exterior. There are also caskets that are made of oak and maple. You are actually familiar with these two types of wood.

Maple and oak wood caskets

Maple is a good material for the casket as it is strong and durable. What you need is something that can stay longer without losing value very fast. With maple wood, you can be sure of good quality material for burial caskets. If you have ever done bowling before, then you have come across maple. As for Oak wood, it is popularly known for its amazing grain patterns. The graining pattern for Oak is unbelievably amazing. This explains why a great deal of people often choose Oak caskets.

Veneer and pine wood caskets

If you are looking for economical options, you will definitely do well with veneer and pine wood caskets. Poplar is another option that you may consider if you do not find veneer and pine caskets. The good thing about poplar casket is that you can find it in a wide range of polish and finish colors. This means you can get whatever your desire for your beloved one.

It is good to ensure that your loved one gets the best farewell. One of the ways of doing so is getting the best burial casket for them. You can make a great choice from a wide range of options. Essentially, there are two types of caskets based on material: wood caskets and metal caskets. Some of the recommended metal caskets include those made of bronze and copper. For wood caskets, you will do well with mahogany and cherry.

Making The Right Choices For The Final Send Off

The most important thing for people who have lost a loved one is to give them a decent send off. A casket is one off the most important part of that send off. They are available in many different styles and colours.  It is very difficult to settle on any one style immediately. And it’s normally decided on by more than one family member. A casket is considered as your loved one’s final resting place and thus a lot of care and thought must go into making that decision. Some of the factors that you will have to come to terms with while making the decision include:



Depending on your culture or religion, your loved one may be buried following certain guidelines. You may choose a casket putting into consideration what burial method you will use. Some are buried into the ground, some put into family vaults and yet some cremated along with the body.


A casket can be made in any style that a family so desires, and caskets are available in different materials depending on your choice. If you can afford it, you can have one custom-made to your liking. There are different materials that a casket can be made from. A wooden casket, for example, is considered as a more traditional option in comparison to metal. Wood can be designed to last long but in the end, it will decompose.

Metal on the other hand lasts a lot longer and it can be designed to last even longer. You can choose the level of thickness of the metal, ranging from 14 to 24 gauges. The higher the gauge, the more it costs and the longer it will last. If you so decide to cremate your loved one, you have a variety of urns to choose from. Cremation coffins are made of inexpensive material while burial caskets are made of longer lasting material.

Size of the Casket

It would be ridiculous to say the least to bury a child in a coffin meant for an adult, not to mention it being undignified. These are the last rites for the loved one and it is a lot about sending them off in a dignified manner. The industry is awash with caskets of all shapes and sizes for adults, infants, children and special oversize ones. This choice is yours to make whether to go for a wooden casket or a metal one.

Before purchase, details should be made available, including any extra shipping cost that may be incurred depending on the sited location. Depending on whether it’s a wood casket or metal, it’s safe to check whether the weight matters in the delivery. Most companies that make wholesale caskets normally deliver them for free and the delivery cost is included in the casket price.

Pre Planning

Some people plan their funerals in advance and it is acceptable to buy a casket well before the passing on of a loved one. It takes away the stress of having to make a decision while still grieving a loved one. This way, you have a lot of time to look at different designs and choose. The money is sent to a special account in your name and in the event of death the funds are released to the casket maker. The payment can be done monthly or in full. If the price goes up, it is covered by accrued interest and if it goes down, the excess goes back to the family.

Consumer Rights

Burial caskets in Toronto do not come cheap, and it is your right to buy your casket from anywhere and compare prices. No one can force you to buy from the funeral home. They should not charge you extra either for accepting the casket and are liable to a fine if they do and risk a suspension on their license to operate a funeral home. They must also have a list that outlines the various caskets available and their prices. In the outlet, families are considered to be in a lot of distress and these regulations can make the planning easier for them.

Finding Your Ideal Cremation Urn For A Special Farewell

You will find a vast array of cremation urns when looking for the best option. Even though the choice of an ideal urn for a special farewell may seem a little daunting, there are a number of things that can help you find an option that nicely matches the needs of the memorial service. In that case, you do not have to beat yourself down by worrying about designs, materials and shapes among others. Here is a look at these simple tips to help you minimize the amount of time spent on searching an ideal urn and eliminate any possibilities of ending up with the wrong item.

Purpose of the urn


You can honor the memory of a loved one in numerous ways. Knowing right from the start how you intend to use the urn simplifies everything else. In that case, if you want an urn for display purposes, it is recommendable to settle for permanent urns. They can be displayed at home or anywhere else and are available wood, metal, marble, ceramic and glass materials.

If you will be scattering ashes, you will have to settle for a lightweight urn with a lid that can be easily removed. For the purposes of sharing ashes with family and friends, a good option is keepsake urn. These actually entail mini urns with cremation jewelry. The type of ceremony or service that you want will definitely help you find the best urn.

Urn material

There are a number of considerations regarding urn material that you should take into account to easily narrow down your choices. First, you need to be clear about what you intend to do with the urn after the memorial service. Some people may choose to keep their urns at home or elsewhere. Others may prefer to put them in the water or ground for biodegradation.

A ceremony that involves scattering ashes will require you to carry the urn and as such, weight of the urn is a crucial factor. Permanent cremation urns are usually made of marble, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel for longevity. They are the best option for columbarium niche. Non-permanent urns are ideal for biodegradation. Light-weight urns are good for scattering ashes.

Design of urns

You will definitely find numerous designs of urns. The personal wishes of a deceased are one of the foremost factors that can help you to determine the most appropriate design for the urn. In the event the wishes are unknown, you can simply resort to the personality of your loved one for some ideas. The deceased’s passion, interests, hobbies and other things can give you a clear guidance on a style that will best reflect their personality.

Cost of urns

There is a wide price range for cremation urns. One of things that should be in your mind when planning for the urn is budget. Knowing what you want to budget will help you work with what you can afford. A modest budget allows you to get quality urns from cremation providers, who usually also provide caskets in Toronto. The best part is that there are companies that are now selling urns online. This guarantees you the most affordable prices. Higher budget gives you the option of finding urns with rare craftsmanship and elegant materials.

All in all, you can find the best urn for your loved one from a wide array of choices. All you simply need to do is be clear on the purpose of the urn. For ash scattering, you will do well with a light-weight urn. If you intend to keep the ashes of your loved one in a columbarium niche, you will definitely require a permanent urn. These simple tips will help you find the best urn for your deceased loved one.

Buying Wholesale Caskets Online

Traditionally, people have been used to buying caskets from a local funeral parlour. This has been working for many individuals simply because it eases out the burden for them to make all necessary funeral arrangements since many of these parlours already include flowers and all other things needed everyday up until burial day comes.

You have to remember, however, that with your busy life, you might want to take another step when it comes to ordering caskets. The good news is you have the option to get wholesale caskets online. Of course, some of you will think that nothing beats visiting a local funeral parlour when ordering the right coffin for a loved one. This is because you can physically check on the coffin yourself. But you should not put aside buying wholesale caskets online. Just be guided accordingly.

Establish the differences of buying locally and online


When buying caskets locally, you have to personally visit the funeral parlour to look for the best choice. To your dismay, at times, you will not always end up visiting just one of these local funeral homes. You may need to visit two to three more to finalise a choice that is best suited with the wish of your departed loved one. This can be time consuming and yes, often, disgusting especially at this point when you are already grieving with your loss.

Add to that burden, there can be clash of opinions between one family member and another. What you want will not always be suited for what other family members like. This can result to disputes that you want to avoid at the moment. Since you cannot bring everybody else to the local funeral home to make a choice, you might not end up getting what others think is in accord with the wishes of your loved one.

This is where online wholesale caskets come in. You simply have to browse pages and show choices available to immediate family members. Together, you can continue searching and take a lesser time than usual up until you finalise your decision. This will save you money and effort as well.

The possibilities of getting the quality you want when buying wholesale caskets online

One of the things you may have at the back of your mind when buying caskets online is the quality of the coffin you are going to get. You will certainly be afraid that you might end up sacrificing the quality you are looking for in the casket that will honour the life of your dearly beloved. With reputable providers of wholesale caskets online, you can be assured of 100% quality coffins.

Important things to consider when making a choice from wholesale caskets online

Alongside the quality of the caskets you are going to purchase online, the choice will all boil down to other important aspects. Design, price and style are factors to always put on your list. On top of all these, you must look into the heart and effort placed by the maker to every piece of coffin offered online. Craftsmanship is very important since this can totally reflect the best choice that will represent and honour the life of your loved one. It is crucial to make sure that your choice will make your loved one happy.

The key to getting the best out of the wholesale caskets you see online is to make sure there is a consultant you can talk to. The customer representative should welcome all questions you have and assure you that you are making the right choice. Take time to raise all your concerns before coming up with a decision.

What You Should Consider When Choosing Between Metal And Wood Caskets

The use of caskets or coffins will always be a part of every funeral service that you see. Your choice of one will somewhat be personal as it is a way to pay tribute to your departed loved one. The good thing is you have a lot of choices when it comes to these coffins. Amongst your choices are metal and wood caskets.

Both are very good choices but if you are caught wondering which one will suit you best, you have to take a few considerations at the back of your mind. It might be quite challenging. After all, you want to honour the life of your loved one but with the following tips, you can be sure you will land a good choice.

Considering metal caskets as your preferred choice


If you have metal caskets at the back of your mind, you have to consider salient features of these types of caskets to make sure you will get the one that has a personal touch in honouring your dearly departed. These caskets are basically constructed from steel with varied thickness. Some are also made from precious metals that exude elegance. The good thing about metal caskets is that they have a specially sealed enclosure thus protecting the casket interior from outside elements. When considering from the various metal caskets that you see, you must include the following criteria:

  • Price. You have to remember that price will be dictated by the type of metal used and the production process employed in manufacturing one. Standard steel or carbon steel is way cheaper than other types of steel used in metal casket production.
  • Colour. It is so fascinating to find out that you have a variety of colour choices too when choosing coffins made out of metal. Gone were the days when you have to stick to the usual black and silver hues which are most common in metal casket selection. Now, you can even see these various coloured caskets with customisable embroidery designs.

Considering wood caskets as your preferred choice

Wood caskets are loved by many for their simplicity. They may not be as elaborate as other types of coffins that you see in the market yet they exude warmth and personality which make them excellent choices for many. Your choices, in this regard, include a variety of famous wood species ranging from pine, pecan and oak to maple, cherry, walnut and a whole lot more. Handcrafted interiors make the entire casket even more stunning to the eyes. When choosing from amongst the many wood caskets out there, you must include the following in your considerations:

  • Finish. The total look of a wood casket is complemented by the finishing applied to it. The finish provides a nice gloss to its surface. Some others come in what they call a natural satin finish, one that highlights the wood grains thus making the surface look perfect.
  • Durability. Wood caskets have varied strength and hardness to them. This is often dictated by the wood species used in making one. Maple, for instance, is best regarded for its hardness and strength that you will definitely want in your choice of casket.
  • Price. Just like when choosing metal caskets, you must also consider price when looking for wooden caskets. Always remember that the price is dictated by the finish and the workmanship placed into this piece of structure.

Which is better – metal or wood caskets?

Both of these types of caskets have their distinct characteristics that make them standout. Depending on all the sets of criteria presented above, it is up to you to make a decision. At the end of the day, you must always consider the wish of your departed loved one when making a choice.

To help you decide further, you might want to take a look at the burial caskets that we have in our pages. From there, you can finalise your choice.