Wood vs. Metal: Which Type Of Caskets Should You Get?

May 15, 2017 Blog Comments Off on Wood vs. Metal: Which Type Of Caskets Should You Get?

When a loved one has departed, there is nothing that their families want more than giving them the perfect farewell. Funeral service is considered as one of the ways to show respect and love towards the departed. One of the things that are crucial in a funeral service is a casket. This article is going to discuss the differences between a wood and a metal casket. We hope that this information can be of help to those who are looking for caskets for sale.


There are several advantages of a wood casket. By choosing this type of casket, families can benefit from feeling connected to the Mother Nature. Nowadays, a wood casket can be made of several types of materials, namely oak and mahogany. Families can choose oak that is lighter in nature. On the other hand, families that choose a casket made from mahogany can get a more lavish look. However, both types of wood can be a perfect choice for a timeless wood casket.
The cost of wood caskets is based on the kind of wood and how ornately decorated they are. They can be just simple and carved elegantly, stained and well polished.


The history of metal caskets is dated back to the Civil War period. At that time, many families had to lose their loved ones in the war. They had no other choice but to deal with long distance transportation to organize a funeral service. However, not many families could have a metal casket for the burial of their loved ones as metal caskets were considered a special item only for those with a prominent position.

There is one other thing that separates a metal casket from a wood casket apart from its materials. Unlike wood caskets, metal caskets have a seal that can come in handy when long distance transportation is needed. Furthermore, metal caskets also can come with waterproof linings and lock which makes it safer for long distance travels. Therefore, choosing a metal casket is necessary for this kind of situation.

In addition, families can benefit from getting a more variety of design when choosing metal coffins. Nowadays, there are various options of design with different colors, so families may choose a casket that best represents the personality of the departed.

Comparing Wood and Metal Burial Caskets

When comparing metal casket versus wood casket, one needs to consider several factors. The first is logistic. A metal casket is a better choice should there be a need to have long distance transportation to carry the departed. Some other factors to consider can be the price points and the features that each type of caskets offers. It is also a good thing to consider the design of the funeral service. Last but not least, it is important to take into considerations the final wishes of the deceased before making a decision.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, families are free to choose the kind of casket that they want to use as part of the funeral service. What’s important is making sure that your loved one can get the best funeral service as we are letting them go to rest in eternity. No matter the choice you make, don’t look into features that do not deliver what they pledge. Consider if that feature is what you really want for your loved one, or if it is something expense that you can skip.

Beautifully made burial caskets from quality and sustainable materials are also affordable without compromising designs. Both the selections of materials as well as the casket delivery are simple and affordable, allowing the grieving families to spend less time working with funeral directors and enough time calming each other as they celebrate the life of their loved one.

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