What You Should Consider When Choosing Between Metal And Wood Caskets

November 09, 2016 Blog Comments Off on What You Should Consider When Choosing Between Metal And Wood Caskets

The use of caskets or coffins will always be a part of every funeral service that you see. Your choice of one will somewhat be personal as it is a way to pay tribute to your departed loved one. The good thing is you have a lot of choices when it comes to these coffins. Amongst your choices are metal and wood caskets.

Both are very good choices but if you are caught wondering which one will suit you best, you have to take a few considerations at the back of your mind. It might be quite challenging. After all, you want to honour the life of your loved one but with the following tips, you can be sure you will land a good choice.

Considering metal caskets as your preferred choice

If you have metal caskets at the back of your mind, you have to consider salient features of these types of caskets to make sure you will get the one that has a personal touch in honouring your dearly departed. These caskets are basically constructed from steel with varied thickness. Some are also made from precious metals that exude elegance. The good thing about metal caskets is that they have a specially sealed enclosure thus protecting the casket interior from outside elements. When considering from the various metal caskets that you see, you must include the following criteria:

  • Price. You have to remember that price will be dictated by the type of metal used and the production process employed in manufacturing one. Standard steel or carbon steel is way cheaper than other types of steel used in metal casket production.
  • Colour. It is so fascinating to find out that you have a variety of colour choices too when choosing coffins made out of metal. Gone were the days when you have to stick to the usual black and silver hues which are most common in metal casket selection. Now, you can even see these various coloured caskets with customisable embroidery designs.

Considering wood caskets as your preferred choice

Wood caskets are loved by many for their simplicity. They may not be as elaborate as other types of coffins that you see in the market yet they exude warmth and personality which make them excellent choices for many. Your choices, in this regard, include a variety of famous wood species ranging from pine, pecan and oak to maple, cherry, walnut and a whole lot more. Handcrafted interiors make the entire casket even more stunning to the eyes. When choosing from amongst the many wood caskets out there, you must include the following in your considerations:

  • Finish. The total look of a wood casket is complemented by the finishing applied to it. The finish provides a nice gloss to its surface. Some others come in what they call a natural satin finish, one that highlights the wood grains thus making the surface look perfect.
  • Durability. Wood caskets have varied strength and hardness to them. This is often dictated by the wood species used in making one. Maple, for instance, is best regarded for its hardness and strength that you will definitely want in your choice of casket.
  • Price. Just like when choosing metal caskets, you must also consider price when looking for wooden caskets. Always remember that the price is dictated by the finish and the workmanship placed into this piece of structure.

Which is better – metal or wood caskets?

Both of these types of caskets have their distinct characteristics that make them standout. Depending on all the sets of criteria presented above, it is up to you to make a decision. At the end of the day, you must always consider the wish of your departed loved one when making a choice.

To help you decide further, you might want to take a look at the burial caskets that we have in our pages. From there, you can finalise your choice.

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