Making The Right Choices For The Final Send Off

November 17, 2016 Blog Comments Off on Making The Right Choices For The Final Send Off

The most important thing for people who have lost a loved one is to give them a decent send off. A casket is one off the most important part of that send off. They are available in many different styles and colours. It is very difficult to settle on any one style immediately. And it’s normally decided on by more than one family member. A casket is considered as your loved one’s final resting place and thus a lot of care and thought must go into making that decision. Some of the factors that you will have to come to terms with while making the decision include:


Depending on your culture or religion, your loved one may be buried following certain guidelines. You may choose a casket putting into consideration what burial method you will use. Some are buried into the ground, some put into family vaults and yet some cremated along with the body.


A casket can be made in any style that a family so desires, and caskets are available in different materials depending on your choice. If you can afford it, you can have one custom-made to your liking. There are different materials that a casket can be made from. A wooden casket, for example, is considered as a more traditional option in comparison to metal. Wood can be designed to last long but in the end, it will decompose.

Metal on the other hand lasts a lot longer and it can be designed to last even longer. You can choose the level of thickness of the metal, ranging from 14 to 24 gauges. The higher the gauge, the more it costs and the longer it will last. If you so decide to cremate your loved one, you have a variety of urns to choose from. Cremation coffins are made of inexpensive material while burial caskets are made of longer lasting material.

Size of the Casket

It would be ridiculous to say the least to bury a child in a coffin meant for an adult, not to mention it being undignified. These are the last rites for the loved one and it is a lot about sending them off in a dignified manner. The industry is awash with caskets of all shapes and sizes for adults, infants, children and special oversize ones. This choice is yours to make whether to go for a wooden casket or a metal one.

Before purchase, details should be made available, including any extra shipping cost that may be incurred depending on the sited location. Depending on whether it’s a wood casket or metal, it’s safe to check whether the weight matters in the delivery. Most companies that make wholesale caskets normally deliver them for free and the delivery cost is included in the casket price.

Pre Planning

Some people plan their funerals in advance and it is acceptable to buy a casket well before the passing on of a loved one. It takes away the stress of having to make a decision while still grieving a loved one. This way, you have a lot of time to look at different designs and choose. The money is sent to a special account in your name and in the event of death the funds are released to the casket maker. The payment can be done monthly or in full. If the price goes up, it is covered by accrued interest and if it goes down, the excess goes back to the family.

Consumer Rights

Burial caskets in Toronto do not come cheap, and it is your right to buy your casket from anywhere and compare prices. No one can force you to buy from the funeral home. They should not charge you extra either for accepting the casket and are liable to a fine if they do and risk a suspension on their license to operate a funeral home. They must also have a list that outlines the various caskets available and their prices. In the outlet, families are considered to be in a lot of distress and these regulations can make the planning easier for them.

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