Finding Your Ideal Cremation Urn For A Special Farewell

November 17, 2016 Blog Comments Off on Finding Your Ideal Cremation Urn For A Special Farewell

You will find a vast array of cremation urns when looking for the best option. Even though the choice of an ideal urn for a special farewell may seem a little daunting, there are a number of things that can help you find an option that nicely matches the needs of the memorial service. In that case, you do not have to beat yourself down by worrying about designs, materials and shapes among others. Here is a look at these simple tips to help you minimize the amount of time spent on searching an ideal urn and eliminate any possibilities of ending up with the wrong item.

Purpose of the urn

You can honor the memory of a loved one in numerous ways. Knowing right from the start how you intend to use the urn simplifies everything else. In that case, if you want an urn for display purposes, it is recommendable to settle for permanent urns. They can be displayed at home or anywhere else and are available wood, metal, marble, ceramic and glass materials.

If you will be scattering ashes, you will have to settle for a lightweight urn with a lid that can be easily removed. For the purposes of sharing ashes with family and friends, a good option is keepsake urn. These actually entail mini urns with cremation jewelry. The type of ceremony or service that you want will definitely help you find the best urn.

Urn material

There are a number of considerations regarding urn material that you should take into account to easily narrow down your choices. First, you need to be clear about what you intend to do with the urn after the memorial service. Some people may choose to keep their urns at home or elsewhere. Others may prefer to put them in the water or ground for biodegradation.

A ceremony that involves scattering ashes will require you to carry the urn and as such, weight of the urn is a crucial factor. Permanent cremation urns are usually made of marble, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel for longevity. They are the best option for columbarium niche. Non-permanent urns are ideal for biodegradation. Light-weight urns are good for scattering ashes.

Design of urns

You will definitely find numerous designs of urns. The personal wishes of a deceased are one of the foremost factors that can help you to determine the most appropriate design for the urn. In the event the wishes are unknown, you can simply resort to the personality of your loved one for some ideas. The deceased’s passion, interests, hobbies and other things can give you a clear guidance on a style that will best reflect their personality.

Cost of urns

There is a wide price range for cremation urns. One of things that should be in your mind when planning for the urn is budget. Knowing what you want to budget will help you work with what you can afford. A modest budget allows you to get quality urns from cremation providers, who usually also provide caskets in Toronto. The best part is that there are companies that are now selling urns online. This guarantees you the most affordable prices. Higher budget gives you the option of finding urns with rare craftsmanship and elegant materials.

All in all, you can find the best urn for your loved one from a wide array of choices. All you simply need to do is be clear on the purpose of the urn. For ash scattering, you will do well with a light-weight urn. If you intend to keep the ashes of your loved one in a columbarium niche, you will definitely require a permanent urn. These simple tips will help you find the best urn for your deceased loved one.

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