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Q: What are my rights as a consumer?

A: It is now easier for you to choose only those funeral related items, whether good or services that you want or need and to pay for only those you select as a result of government regulation. You can now compare costs before making any final choices whether you shop the internet, by telephone or in person.

Q: What are my choices as a consumer?

A: No matter what your final wishes, you are entitled to a choice. There are no requirements for a "Traditional" funeral. Your thoughts and wishes are what are important. Rather than spending unnecessary funds on what may be considered the "normal" way to do things as suggested by a funeral director, you can simply take charge of your arrangements and complete them the way YOU want them performed.

Q: Why should I buy a casket or other funeral related products from Casket Depot?

A: There are two good reasons. One - you can shop from the comfort of your home at your convenience from your computer. There is nobody looking over your shoulder to pressure you into making either a decision or purchase something you neither want nor need. Secondly, offering very competitive pricing Casket Depot will give you the best pricing on your casket or other funeral related items without any hidden costs.

Q: Will my funeral home charge me a special handling fee?

A: No. It is illegal for a funeral establishment to charge a handling fee if you wish to use a family-built casket or purchase one from anyone other than the funeral home. It is also illegal for funeral establishment staff to make false claims about the preservative qualities of a casket or to charge contagious disease fees or fees for protective clothing for staff.

Q: What if the funeral home we use offers to match your price on the casket?

A: You should ask them why they didn't give you their best price up front. If they are able to match our price, and presumably still make a profit. It suggests that they were either overcharging you to begin with or they possibly will hide the difference in price elsewhere when they suddenly lower their prices to match ours. Keep in mind that they will only lower their prices when they are forced to, as long as a lower-cost provider is in the marketplace.

Q: Should I discuss my wishes with my family?

A: Before finalizing any decision on what to do, your may consult with family members or friends, should you choose. At this sensitive time, not everyone is knowledgeable or comfortable about making decisions